Our Quality Guarantee

No matter which Prevention System is right for you, all of our equipment is designed to quickly, securely and accurately read your temperature.



Normal skin temperature readings, the screen will show GREEN. Any person with an elevated skin temperature, the screen will turn RED, all without having to touch a screen.


Wearing a Mask is the best way to protect yourself and others from spreading germs and viruses. Our AI facial recognition software is able to detect if a person is wearing, or not wearing a mask and will politely remind them to please wear one.


We pride ourselves on developing products made with High Quality materials. The top German producer of thermal sensors ensures your reading will be rapid and accurate.

Simple Set Up

Ready to go right out of the box. Just plug in the power and you are ready to start scanning.


Simple To Use

Scanning for elevated skin temperatures has never been easier. Just walk up, look at the screen and you are finished.


Simple Service

Our Customer Service team is here to answer any questions and make sure you are taken care of.


Simple Security

Stepping up your security measures to include Temperature Check equipment to restrict entry to those with elevated skin temperatures.


Simple Control

All preferences and controls are at your fingertips from the touch screen and allows you to set your options with ease.


Simple Accuracy

Stand within 12in-16in away from the screen for a contactless, easy Temperature Check.



Due to high demand, please have patience with us as we serve all our customers. Thank you!


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Temperature Check focuses on providing solutions that give confidence for all of us to gather together and resume to normalcy. Our thermal scanning technology gives a first line of prevention in the fight against detecting elevated skin temperatures which reduces stress and angst during this challenging time. With an array of Prevention Solutions to choose from, Temperature Check can provide your business with the tools to help you move forward.


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+1 202 524 0911