With the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, body temperature has been catapulted to the forefront of public attention. Checking body temperature used to be conducted when you had reason to believe somebody was ill. Now, it has become a routine requirement for everyday activities such as entering workplaces, schools, or even travelling abroad. Regular temperature checking has become the new normal. However, the common belief that 'normal' body temperature is 98.6°F has recently been questioned and found to be outdated. Surprisingly, the human body appears to have changed over the last 160 years.

Body temperature varies from person to person, and certain things can affect it, such as gender, age, and ambient environment. Women often have a higher body temperature than men, older patients a lower body temperature, and sometimes a baby's temperature is slightly higher. Other factors influence body temperatures like stress, metabolic disturbances, illness, medication, and surgical procedures. With this in mind, normal body temperature can vary from 96˚F to 99.7˚F, but anything reaching 100.4˚F or above is considered a fever. It will also differ depending on the method used to take the


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