Your First Line of Prevention

Whenever you see our official TEMPERATURE CHECKED emblem or the Temperature Check logo displayed in a restaurant window, on a ticket to your favorite event or at your place of business, rest assured there is a prevention plan in place.


Our Story

As we sat back and watched the pandemic affect nearly every sector of our economy, we started asking questions. What does the future of people gathering together look like? How can we help give people confidence to gather safely? From these two questions, we decided to take action.

Ensuring that we help as many businesses as possible, we offer our solutions in two ways.
First, through our Online Store, so your restaurant, retail store, corporate office or building lobby can install a prevention system that gives those you work with or those you serve the confidence to gather again.

Second, through Event Rentals. The event industry was the first to fall during this pandemic and we at Temperature Check take that seriously. Our prevention promise to the Event Industry is to provide solutions that allow guests to gather with confidence once again. We see you, hear you and most importantly are here for you.



Your Simple, Secure and Safe way of providing confidence to everyone who comes in contact with your business. Ensure you’re taking preventions needed to create healthy and safe environments.


Whether you purchase or rent a Prevention thermal system from us, we applaud you for putting safety first. Creating controlled environments for your patrons, guests and employees shows you care about their well being.


No matter which Prevention System is right for you, we will always be there to help set you up for success. Our equipment and technicians will give you accurate scans that you can trust.


Due to high demand, please have patience with us as we serve all our customers. Thank you!


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Temperature Check focuses on providing solutions that give confidence for all of us to gather together and resume to normalcy. Our thermal scanning technology gives a first line of prevention in the fight against detecting elevated skin temperatures which reduces stress and angst during this challenging time. With an array of Prevention Solutions to choose from, Temperature Check can provide your business with the tools to help you move forward.


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+1 202 524 0911